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une famille, une passion

Maison Pougeoise is, above all, a family story.

n 1991, Sandrine Herregods Pougeoise, daughter of Charles, took over the vineyard. With the same passion and genuine expertise, she and her husband continue to uphold the Maison Pougeoise style to this day.

Fête de la musique Dalida Chair
Fête de la musique Dalida Chair

Stéphane is Sandrine’s eldest son. He embarked on the adventure of managing the Best Western Le Relais Du Vigneron and the restaurant Terre de Craie in Vertus.

His top priority is the well-being of his guests, both in the hotel and the restaurant.

Passionate about his region and heritage, which he knows intimately, Stéphane is a valuable resource for your stays. Don’t hesitate to seek his advice to discover Champagne from a different perspective.

Fête de la musique Dalida Chair

Marine is Sandrine’s daughter. She has been managing her local products shop, 27 Paniers, since it opened in November 2021.

Her primary goal is customer satisfaction, achieved by continually offering new products. She caters to a local clientele, with whom she maintains close relationships, as well as tourists, introducing them to her local products.